Greece is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, as it offers both the history and culture of ancient as well as modern times in combination with the sun and the sea, which make Greece a must destination for countless tourists every year.We are at your personal service for anything you need and we are willing to transfer you wherever you wish with safety and comfort.

Some of the most important destinations in northern Greece are the following:


Tour in the history of the city with its sighs, such as the White Tower, Eptapyrgio, Galerius Arch (Kamara), Rotunda, the Roman Agora, the churches of Saint Dimitrios, the Twelve Apostles and of Agia Sofia, the Archaeological and Byzantine Museums and many more historical monuments.


Visit to the ancient capital of Macedonia, homeland of the Great Kings of Macedonia, Philippos the Second and Alexander the Great. Also, visit the archaeological site in Vergina with its greatest discovery: the royal tomb of Philippos the Second, Alexander’s father.


Picturesque locations and cultural events on one of the most famous destinations for your summer vacation in Greece and for the male visitors transfer to the wild and imposing landscape on Agio Oros.


Visit to the archaeological space of Amfipolis and the tomb “Casta”, the focal point of public interest, site of the largest funerary monument in Europe.


Visit to the famous Petralona Cave adorned with stalactites and stalagmites, where the skull of Homo Sapiens (the man who is estimated to have lived 200.000 years ago) was discovered.


Visit to one of the oldest cities in the Macedonian State and of military significance at the foot of Eastern Olympus Mountain. Also visit to the Archaeological Museum of Dion with the numerous statues, monuments, coins and other finds from the excavations.

There are some further destinations such as:

  • Platamonas Castle
  • The Ancient Philippoi
  • Panagia Soumela Monastery in Kastania, Imathia
  • Kerkini Lake
  • The National Forest in Prespes
  • The historical Nymfaio community, where you can visit ARKTOUROS, a club for the protection of wild animals

We can transfer and tour to all big cities in Greece or abroad and of course to any other destination of your liking.